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Welcome to the unofficial Oubliette fan page!

First released in 1977, Oubliette is the great-grandaddy of the computer RPG genre. Now, more than 25 years after its 1983 port to C64 and DOS, Oubliette still boasts an impressive fan base. This site is committed to keeping the game alive and available to new generations of RPG fans.

The Strategy Guide is now online! Next up will be the Official C64 Game Manual, Screeshots and Maps. Other sections like projects and news may follow, depending on user feedback and interest.

Feel free to email the site maintainer, Peter Liska with comments and suggestions, and especially with history, experiences and files (partys, manuals, screenies) from this venerated masterpiece.

So please bear with us while we get the sections up and running, and in the meantime...

Onward to Glory!