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Here you can download Oubliette binaries and support files for C64 or DOS. Hopefully, we will eventually have the original PLATO binaries and an emulator available.

As far as we can tell, there is no current copyright holder on the game other than perhaps the authors, who we haven't been able to track down (yet). Since there seems to be no restriction on distribution, we are posting the original game files for download.

Commodore 64

You'll need a C64 emulator like VICE to play the game, or you can write the image to a C64 floppy, if you have the tools (we'll post instructions soon).

The C64 Disk Image
177k binary file

To start the game, attach the file as device (drive) 8, type LOAD "OUB",8,1 and then RUN

The C64 Game Manual
Currently Unavailable

The C64-specific manual is currently under construction. The DOS manual (below) is largely similar, and will suffice if you are new to the game.

DOS and Windows

The DOS version runs very quickly on recent (1.5+ GHz) CPU's, and in-game status messages flash by too quickly to read. There are some apps available that will let you run legacy games more slowly: try out Moslo to slow down your DOS console on faster machines.

The DOS Game
57k zip file

There are two executables included: oub.exe (top-down perspective) and goub.exe (first-person perspective). Both use the same character data files and can be played interchangeably with the same party.

The DOS Game Manual
815k zipped Word doc

This is an excellent reproduction of the original DOS manual in Word format (kudos to whoever put this together). There are some minor formatting issues with modern wordprocessors, and we hope to re-release this doc soon in an updated format.