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We are currently looking for software to do Oubliette map layout. If you know of a good package for exporting arbitrary grid-layout diagrams, please let us know.

A complete maps section for levels 1-10 is in the works, including maps of hidden levels and how to get there!

Due to the death and despair that can follow from an inaccurate map, we have decided to take extra time to veryify every square of every map before posting anything. This will take some extra time, but we feel it is warranted as a wrong turn can mean the end of your party.

UPDATE (Jul 28/10): We're currently investigating a couple of packages to digitize the level 1-10 maps, and are hard at work on the dreaded 'extra' dungeon space... arguably one of the most mind-bending and difficult to navigate grids in the history of dungeon crawling. As far as we can tell, the extra dungeon space is only accessible in the C64 version, as the teleport (TORGAFIER) spell does not seem to function in the DOS version. If you have any more info on either the hidden space or the teleport spell in DOS, please contact the site maintainer!